Root Canal Therapy: The Road to a Healthy Smile

Root Canal Therapy: The Road to a Healthy Smile

Even though you might take good care of your teeth with regular brushing and flossing, you may still end up having dental problems. Sometimes tooth decay has a mind of its own and can get deep down into a tooth despite your hygiene routine. If severe decay reaches the inside of your tooth, your dentist may advise you that root canal therapy is your best bet in saving your tooth.

Root Canal Treatment Morehead City NCA tooth needing root canal treatment may or may not exhibit warning signs. Sometimes pain, inflammation or discomfort when consuming hot or cold items will let you know that there is something wrong. However, a damaged tooth might not tip you off that there is a problem. That’s one reason regular dental checkups are important, so that your dentist might recognize issues that you haven’t noticed.

If you have been told you need root canal therapy, don’t panic. Even though the procedure may have a bad reputation, modern advancements have made it virtually no worse than simply getting a filling. Your dentist will discuss options with you to make the procedure more comfortable, such as sedation or pain relievers. The affected area will be numbed throughout treatment so that you are comfortable.

Once the area is numb, a thin sheet of rubber will be placed over the tooth so that it is isolated from the rest of your mouth. This promotes a more sterile environment for the procedure. Your dentist will use specialized tools to remove the damaged tooth pulp and completely clean out the root canal. Then the pulp chamber will be filled with a special material made for this purpose and the area will be sealed for protection from future infection or damage.

Usually your tooth will be topped with a permanent restoration like a dental crown. This makes your tooth completely protected and strong. Your dentist might prescribe antibiotics to ensure the most successful outcome possible. After root canal therapy, you’ll be able to function normally and enjoy your fully restored smile without any lingering symptoms of trouble.
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