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Protecting Your Dental Veneers

A beautiful, brilliant smile can take you through life with an increased confidence level and willingness to flash your pearly whites. Teeth that are crooked, discolored, misaligned, cracked or with other flaws impact your life in many ways. Covering those imperfections with a set of perfect dental veneers can turn your life around.

Dental veneers are thin porcelain shells that adhere to the front surfaces of teeth to improve their appearance. They offer a permanent way to transform your smile, but if you want them to last their full life expectancy,

here are some tips for protecting your restorations.

Avoid hard or sticky foods

Dentists recommend that you avoid eating hard foods like apples, popcorn or certain candies. Hard items can damage your veneers by cracking or breaking them, and you’ll end up having to completely replace them. If you do eat something hard, chew only on your back teeth and avoiding biting into the food. Sticky foods should also be avoided because you can damage or pull off your dental veneers.

Limit items that stain

Certain foods and drinks are known to stain your teeth, and veneers are not completely protected from discoloration. Although porcelain does resist stains better than natural teeth, you don’t want to risk ruining them by drinking coffee, tea or red wine. If you can’t avoid staining items completely, reduce your intake and brush your teeth immediately after consuming them. Also, ask your dentist about using whitening toothpaste on your veneers.

Quit smoking

It is best to quit smoking if you have dental veneers so that you can be more certain of maintaining their original color. Veneers aren’t prone to staining like real teeth, but poor hygiene and bad habits can discolor them over time.

Find the right temperature

Eating foods and drinks that are overly hot or cold cause your teeth to expand and contract slightly, increasing the risk of your veneers cracking or loosening. Try to choose items that are a safe temperature for your veneers.

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