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Tips for Maintaining Your Professionally Whitened Smile


Teeth whitening performed by a dental professional in an office setting is the fastest and most effective way to brighten your smile. The results are often dramatic, whitening teeth as much as eight shades or more. If you professionally whiten your smile, your goal will be to keep it that bright for as long as possible.

Here are some tips for maintaining your white teeth.

Avoid foods and drinks that stain.

After you have whitened your teeth, avoid consuming foods and drinks known to stain. Items loaded with artificial food coloring are especially damaging. Some common culprits known to stain teeth include red wine, coffee, tea, beets, chocolate and dark berries. Try to eliminate these foods as much as possible, especially within the first few days after teeth whitening. Focus on foods that achieve a polishing effect on teeth like leafy vegetables or crunchy apples.

Brush carefully.

Gently brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Vigorous brushing may scratch the surface of teeth and even scar them, making them more prone to cavities. After whitening, your teeth may also be more sensitive and harsh brushing will be uncomfortable and harmful.

Use a straw.

Instead of drinking straight from glasses or bottles at least for the first few days after whitening treatment, use a straw for drinking. Direct contact with hot or cold drinks can cause discomfort due to teeth sensitivity, plus dark liquids can stain your teeth.

Quit smoking.

Tobacco is an enemy to your teeth and overall health. Teeth can become easily stained with tobacco use of any kind. In fact, this habit is likely the reason you needed teeth whitening in the first place. Do not continue smoking or other tobacco use after whitening or you’ll end up with yellow teeth again.

Reasons to Regularly Visit Your Family Dentist


You may be diligent about keeping up with your yearly physical with your general physician, but you may not be as careful about seeing your family dentist as often as you should. People tend to neglect dental checkups, thinking that if their teeth aren’t hurting then there’s no reason to go to the dentist. This is untrue! Regular checkups and cleanings play an important role in your health and should not be overlooked.

The most obvious reason for every member of your family to go to your dentist is the potential medical benefits. Even if you perform proper oral hygiene routines at home, you can still develop medical problems that require intervention. Plaque and decay in hard-to-reach places may create cavities that need fillings. Gum disease can start off as minor gingivitis but worsen into advanced periodontal disease without treatment, and untreated gum disease might put you at higher risk for heart disease or diabetes. A tooth’s interior section called the pulp can become infected and die, eventually risking tooth loss. So skipping your regular dental examinations can have serious medical consequences.

In addition to protecting your health, family dentists keep your smile looking its best. Professional cleanings make your teeth brighter and healthier, and you’ll also likely end up with more self-confidence. At your dental visits, if you have concerns about the appearance of your smile, you can also get information and recommendations about cosmetic dental procedures that might improve your smile even more.

Another benefit of maintaining regular dental checkups is that it can cost you less money in the long run. If you think skipping a visit is financially smart, you’ll also be missing the opportunity to catch problems early and handle them before they reach the stage of expensive oral procedures.

It’s never the best idea to avoid dental care with your family dentist. Schedule and keep your appointments every six months for ideal oral health.

Dental Implants: The Popular Tooth Restoration


New technology in dentistry has introduced a popular way to replace missing teeth with a solution that looks, functions, and feels like a natural tooth. Dental implants provide an alternative to traditional dentures, giving patients the abilities to eat and smile with renewed confidence.

Whether you have lost a tooth to decay, disease, trauma or age, dental implants offer a solution. The implant process consists of surgically implanting a small titanium rod into your jaw bone, acting as a substitute for the missing tooth root. This step requires healing time, when the bone actually attaches to the rod in a process called osseointegration. This secures the implant so that it is a permanent part of your body, creating a strong base for an artificial tooth to be placed on top later.

Dental implants offer many benefits as they restore your smile. They help prevent bone deterioration and preserve facial structure, both which can become problems with missing teeth. Implants also feel very natural and are not uncomfortable like dentures can be. There are no hassles involved with cleaning, worries about slipping, or having to remove the restoration overnight. Implants boost your self-esteem because you no longer are embarrassed to smile and can eat and speak more confidently. Your social life and professional life are positively impacted with dental implants.

If you choose an experience and qualified dental professional for your treatment, you can expect a high rate of success with dental implants. This makes this treatment one of the most sought-after procedures in dentistry today. If you are missing any teeth, see your dentist to learn if implants are right for you.


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